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Notify consumers of EventBridge schema changes.

Notify your downstream consumers of schema changes using Slack, emails and APIS.

Open source tool powered by TypeScript.

import { SchemaWatcher } from 'cdk-schema-watcher';
import { SlackNotifier } from 'cdk-schema-watcher/plugins';

new SchemaWatcher(this, 'MyTeam', {
  type: 'All',
  sources: ['myapp.users', 'myapp.orders'],
  plugins: [
    new SlackNotifier({
      API_KEY: process.env.SLACK_API_KEY,
      CHANNEL_ID: process.env.SLACK_CHANNEL_ID,

Schemas are important.

Over time our Event Driven Architectures (EDA) grow and it can become difficult to understand the impact of changes to downstream consumers. Producers can easily change their event schemas without consumers being aware. SchemaWatcher was built to help you setup notifications for your downstream consumers when using EventBridge. Never let a breaking schema scare you again!

David Boyne
Dude with thoughts about schemas

Notify consumers of schema changes.

Let your consumers stay on top of incoming changes to their contracts.

Open Source

Designed and Developed for the community. Free for everybody to use.


Use AWS events to help you manage your schemas. Let consumers get notified of incoming changes.

Schema Diff

Use the Slack plugin to get notifications directly into Slack! Schema diffs will be displayed for any changes made.

Deploy in seconds

Simple CDK pattern, deploy in your AWS account in seconds.

Plugins and API

Integrate with Slack, emails or APIs. Or contribute your own CDK plugin!

Producers & Consumers

Producers do not know about consumers, but don't let the stop you getting notified!

Control Schemas

Links directly back into your AWS console to see schemas in more detail.


Join the community, learn from each other and help shape the project.

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